Poulet Bleu are fed an all-natural, vegetable diet free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Feeding is based on a three-step growth program formulated by Bernie Nash:

Stage 1:  Chicks are fed a mix of corn, soy, vitamins and minerals blended for an elevated 24% protein level which helps them get a good, strong start.

Stage 2:  This is where most of their life is spent and most of their growth occurs. Canola oil is added to the feed mix which is now blended to provide a 21% protein level to support clean and steady growth.

Stage 3:  For the 'Finishing Diet' flax, peas and whey are added to the feed mix, the amount of Canola oil is increased slightly, while the protein level is kept constant at 21%.  This diet lays the foundation for Poulet Bleu's superior texture and flavor profiles.