Chicken consumption in the US is staggering.  Roughly 50 billion pounds of chicken are consumed in this country alone every year.  This equates to an estimated 160 million chickens being processed every week.  Americans' taste for chicken is insatiable and in order to meet market demands the poultry industry has worked hard and succeeded in engineering a modern-day Frankenchicken, a biological super meat-maker, the Cornish Cross chicken (a.k.a. the "CX").  Given its genetic profile, the modern-day CX grows from hatch to a market-ready slaughter size in just forty days.  Whether grown free range on an all organic diet or crammed into a giant building tended to by automated feeders and watering machines, the predominant chicken consumed in America, from fine dining tasting menus to drive-thrus, is the same CX.

Unlike the CX, Poulet Bleu require roughly four months to naturally mature to a market-read weight.  This natural and longer grow-time allows Poulet Bleu to develop deeper, more complex flesh.  Also Poulet Bleu are fed a proprietary three-step diet formulated to echo the centuries-old French techniques necessary to develop sufficient fat content to balance the mature flesh.  Together, the genetics and the special handling of the Poulet Bleu results in a singular cooking and eating experience that cannot be compared to even the best CX.