We are a small, family run, chicken farm in Ephrata, Washington raising a North American blue foot chicken  we call the Poulet Bleu.  Initially bred by respected Canadian poultryman Peter Thiessen, Poulet Bleu are now raised by respected Washington poultryman Bernie Nash of Mad Hatcher Poultry.  Our Poulet Bleu is an honest-to-goodness rival to the legendary French blue foot chicken - the Poulet de Bresse.  This was Peter Thiessen's dream and chefs, farmers and gourmets familiar with the Poulet de Bresse have confirmed this - take a look at our Media section.  American chefs and diners can now experience one of the world's true delicacies, poultry with a deep and robust flavor with a natural and satisfying texture; qualities that have all but been bred out of today's ubiquitous and commoditized 'Frankenchickens' pumped out by giant corporations.

"Chicken is ripe to be rediscovered for its toothsome texture and flavor. Those who have dined on the Poulet de Bresse in France . . . will appreciate the Poulet Bleu. Yes, the price is and will seem high when compared to factory birds. Some will find the bird tough rather than toothsome. But just as properly handled Copper River King salmon has an exalted culinary niche over farmed fish or fish that run easy rivers, so too will the Poulet Bleu find an audience with those who favor quality over quantity, authenticity over faceless expediency."

                                                                               - Ron Zimmerman, Owner, The Herbfarm, Woodinville, WA